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Although market pundits continue to predict the end of the bakery as we know it, the category not only survives, it thrives, with innovation and ingenuity on the part of the baker. Bakeries must balance products for the health-minded consumer, featuring whole grains, high fiber and reduced sugar with more indulgent offerings such as cakes, donuts, pastries and sweet breads.

In the midst of this, the artisanal segment continues to represent its fair share of sales. Even when consumers tighten their belts and deny themselves grander luxuries, they allow for small indulgences such as artisan breads or fine pastries.

The rise of the handheld breakfast sandwich and continued demand for portable meals and snacks has helped spur sales of individually packaged goods and products such as bagels, English muffins, croissants and even pretzels. This trend crosses format from shelf-stable, to refrigerated and frozen and channels from convenience stores to vending and foodservice.

The recession hasn’t prevented the overall growth of the $19 billion bread market, but prices on wheat, corn, sugar and other staples have spiked. Vulnerable to natural and man-made events across the globe, the supply and costs of the commodities you rely on fluctuate dramatically.

Batory Foods helps shield you from that volatility and guides you through the changes. Diligently studying the markets, we negotiate volume and long-term contracts in an effort to stabilize our costs and secure supply as much as possible.

Grouping together ingredients, we can deliver the volume you need, right when you need it — eliminating the stress of storage and warehousing. That kind of “just in time” flexibility is critical for bakeries, since your output changes with the holiday seasons. One thing that will never change — no matter the season — is our commitment to providing you with best-in-class service and quality.

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