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“Honey-gate”: What you need to know about Illegally Transshipped and Adulterated Honey

September 22, 2016

The past five to ten years have been epic in the honey market. Companies have been found guilty of adulterated and illegally transshipped honey, associated people have been arrested, the market is seeing an unjustified surplus of product and Colony Collapse Disorder has cost the lives of many a poor bee. With all the buzz, Batory Foods aims to keep you well informed as new market indicators emerge.

In Batory’s May 2016 Honey Market Update, we reported that, for the first time in seven years, the honey supply is keeping up with demand. We noted that the domestic crop is only able to provide one third of what the U.S. consumes. And we identified some of the major exporting countries, which, in 2015, accounted for about 365 million pounds of imported material. This information applied to widely used conventional amber and light amber honey, with the exception of specialty honey such as organic, fair-trade, orange blossom, clover sourced and certified non-GMO honey.

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