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Health & Nutrition

Never have the prospects been brighter for this market segment. Consumers are keenly interested in health, wellness and nutritional foods and beverages that will enhance personal well-being. In fact, an increasing number of consumers, of all ages, aren’t necessarily thinking “diet” but instead are embracing a platform of a more balanced lifestyle.

This mindset leads them to look for everyday healthier choices in the better-for-you category. Not that the emphasis on healthy food is a new discovery — just new to this generation. A quotation from Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine who lived in 460-377 BC, states, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.”

And the U.S. is buying into that philosophy. We are the world’s largest market for this loosely defined category of functional foods, with sales of $43.9 billion in 2012.

Manufacturers should be mindful that the FDA regulates claims related to the nutrient content of foods and beverages, such as their effects on health and/or disease prevention. Obtaining a new product claim will be a long and costly process. In addition, long-term success can prove challenging in a market where consumer fads can change rapidly.

However, the right place to begin this process is with a supplier that offers a wide range of functional ingredients that have already proven their worth. This spans the gamut from fibers, to fruit and vegetable powders, minerals and proteins to name a few. Batory Foods offers these ingredients as well as the basic, functional workhorses that enable your R&D department to move from benchtop to scale up in rapid succession. Our experts are more than ready to collaborate with your team to get your products off to a “healthy” start in the marketplace.

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