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September 16, 2020


Batory Foods, a national sales and supply chain management solutions provider of commodity and specialty food ingredients, and BioHarvest Sciences Inc., a developer of proprietary and patent-protected Biofarming technology, have signed an exclusive performance-based agreement to enter the $16 Billion USA Nutraceuticals Market and 2025 projected $8 Billion US Edible CBD Market. Batory Foods’ decision to partner with BHSC is a major vote of confidence in the scientifically and clinically proven advantages of BHSC’s Biofarming technology and portfolio of products.

Batory Foods is known in the industry for its sweetener solutions as well as being a trend-forward organization, and as part of its growth strategy it seeks out innovative ingredients to meet the latest market trends and challenges.  BHSC is the perfect partner for Batory to disrupt the Nutraceutical Ingredients Industry by providing major food, beverage and nutraceutical companies a unique portfolio of nutraceutical superfruit wellness solutions which provide manufacturers the ability to deliver better functional benefits to consumers via branded solutions. In addition, this agreement will solidify Batory Foods’ capabilities to offer Hemp based CBD with THC <0.3% with a level of fingerprint consistency and cleanliness which the industry has not experienced before.

“Teaming up with BioHarvest Sciences Inc. is an exciting development in our organization, as we strategically diversify our product portfolio to include on trend functional ingredients and develop exclusive partnerships with innovative organizations like BHSC,” stated Vince Pinneri, President of Batory Foods. “Aligning with strategic partners such as BioHarvest Sciences allows us to provide value throughout the entire food chain and bring innovations like these to life.”

“This unique partnership solidifies BHSC’s B2B pillar of its recently unveiled growth strategy and not only provides for significant revenue generation and penetration of BHSC’s products,  but also brings to the business important manufacturing scale which will continue to improve BHSC’s weighted Gross Profit Margin across its B2B and B2C channels,” stated Ilan Sobel, CEO of BioHarvest Sciences, Inc. Following BHSC’s announcement last month on the development of a new 20 Ton manufacturing facility to be operational in early Q3, 2021, this partnership further demonstrates BHSC’s ability to execute on its recently shared growth strategy and demonstrates the Company’s maturing from an R&D organization to a fully operating end-to-end performance driven operating one.

Commencing immediately, the Batory Sales team supported by BHSC will be approaching a select group of targeted customers to introduce VINIA®, a Red Grape Cell Product containing the entire matrix of polyphenols contained in Red Grapes with a high concentration of Piceid Resveratrol and other key Polyphenols (including Quercetin, Catechin, Tannins and Anthocyanins) in their naturally occurring state that has been scientifically validated to have significant benefits for the body. Each 400mg serving of VINIA® contains the same amount of Natural Piceid Resveratrol contained in one entire bottle of Red Wine, with NO Sugar, ZERO Calories and 0% Alcohol. Multiple Clinical trials published in peer reviewed scientific journals have been completed on VINIA®, enabling products containing the required dosage of VINIA® to make structure function claims on pack which meet FDA guidelines including: Supports Healthy Arteries, Supports Blood Circulations and Supports Blood Pressure within Normal Range.  In addition, VINIA® has the unique benefit of providing many Food and Beverage Companies with the ability to extend shelf life on many of their products it is included in, due to its high antioxidant levels which reduces the rate of oxidation of other ingredients contained. 

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