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Oil and Shortening Ingredients

Although seemingly basic commodity ingredients, there are many types of oils and shortenings that can play critical yet different functional roles in almost every type of food product. The right oil or shortening will serve to enhance texture, promote flavor release and when mixed with an emulsifier, enhance the stability and ultimately the shelf life of your product.

Batory Foods carries a full line of conventional oils, tropical oils and specialty oils along with shortening, lard and tallow. We can also supply a variety of margarine, mayonnaise and salad dressings to meet a wide range of applications.

Currently, the fastest growing category within oils and shortenings are the Non-GMO and organic products. With limited acreage devoted to these types of seeds for oil production, our main focus becomes supply. We carefully cultivate partnerships with major vendors that allow us the capability to offer our customers the broadest selection possible. Our full range of Non-GMO and organic products includes jibs, drums, totes and tank trucks of canola oil, coconut oil, corn oil, palm oil, safflower oil, soybean oil and sunflower oil.

Batory Foods leverages the advantages of fully stocked warehouses placed in strategic locations across the country for efficient deliveries.  Whether you’re looking for a single type of oil, shortening or a full complement of products, you’ve come to the right place. 

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  • Conventional Oils

  • High Fat Powders

  • Margarines (Palm, Soybean)

  • Mayonnaise/Salad Dressings

    • Non-GMO Canola Mayo
  • Organic Oils

  • Shortenings

  • Shortenings (Animal Fat)

    • Lard
    • Tallow
  • Specialty Oils

    • HO Sunflower (Non-GMO)
    • Olive Oil Blend
  • Tropical Oils

    • Coconut (Non-GMO)
    • Palm (Non-GMO)
    • Palm Kernel Oil (Non-GMO)

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