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Batory Nutra

Batory Nutra is ready to be your ingredient supplier for success in the nutraceutical market.

Batory Nutra was established as a dedicated division of Batory Foods in order to provide an enhanced focus on the needs of the dietary supplement market. We launched this division to offer a broadening portfolio of high-quality ingredients and services tailored for nutraceutical products.


About Us

Although this unique division was officially launched in 2013, Batory has been servicing the nutritional and dietary supplement markets since the company was founded in 1979.   Now, with a nationally dedicated sales team focused on the dietary supplement industry, who is experienced in serving a customer base that answers to its own unique set of regulations, policies and opportunities, Batory Nutra is ready to work with you as a trusted supply partner.

We are carefully constructing our product offering specifically for the nutraceutical market and will selectively expand our offerings only after thoroughly evaluating any potential source of supply for ingredients. Relationships come first at Batory Nutra—our relationship with our suppliers is as important as our relationship with you, the customer. This focus enables our company to source only high-quality ingredients from reliable sources.

Behind the scenes at Batory Nutra, customers reap the benefits of the reputation, strengths and well-developed networks of our parent company, Batory Foods. Our streamlined documentation process is second to none to ensure product integrity, quality and safety. A national network of local distribution centers combines with advanced logistics systems for just-in-time delivery of almost any size order, from a bag to a pallet or mixed-truckload.

Perhaps an emphasis on logistics isn’t so unusual for a company founded by Abel Friedman, whose life was shaped in his early years by a significant journey on the MS Batory. This is the ship that carried Mr. Friedman and his family from Europe in 1938 on the eve of WWII to a land of freedom and opportunity.